We Rebranded!

Hemptress Designs is now Chick’s Craft Company! We’ve changed our name, but we’ll still be offering the same quality handmade products, plus some new cool stuff that’s in the works.

Why the change, you ask? Well, our product mix has grown a lot over the past 10 years. Our company isn’t just focused on hemp jewelry anymore, and the Hemptress Designs┬áname doesn’t accurately represent what our business is really all about.

To put it simply, we love to craft. It’s is our favorite thing to do. We love to learn new techniques and patterns, try new mediums, and just create awesome stuff. We want make products that all different kinds of people can enjoy, and to do that our company needs a name that is inclusive of all the items that we curretly offer and that we will add in the future.

That’s where the Craft Company portion of our new name comes from. But who the heck is Chick?

Chick is our mascot and BFF for life. She’s a Chihuaua we adopted in 2013 and who inspired our line of pet accessories, which are wildly popular and have quickly grown to be our best selling product thus far. She’s really helped our business grow, and she enjoys coming to craft shows, ‘working’ the booth, and most of all, getting attention and lovin’ from all the shoppers. We though she was the perfect ‘person’ to name our business after. Plus, she’s really stinkin’ cute.

We are so excited for the next chapter of our small business journey. Thanks to you, our customers, for all your encouragement and inspiration over the years. We wouldn’t be here without you! We truly hope you enjoy our new brand and products, and that you continue to support us under our new brand name: Chick’s Craft Company.

Love always,


Kandy & Chick











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