Our Team

Meet the Chick’s Craft Company team!

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Kandy Pohrer | Owner/Maker/Animal Mom

Kandy has been a crafter as long as she can remember. She credits her mom for her creative genes and her father, a small business owner, for inspiring her to start Chick’s Craft Company over 10 years ago! Kandy is the creator behind all our products and sews everything with love and care in her home studio. She is the person you will meet at local craft fairs as events as well. Kandy obviously adores her animal family, and loves to create adorable and durable pet accessories for her customers.

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Gizmo Ninito | Operations Manager

Born: 8/2014 | Rescued: 12/2016

Gizmo is a sweet but shy long-haired chihuahua who loves hanging out in the craft studio with his mom, Kandy, where he manages all pet accessory production: from sewing, to pricing, to packaging. He loves mom, snacks, and his stuffed toy named Puppy. He often takes naps in his mom’s lap while she sews, ensuring that everything is made perfectly with love.

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Aries Jumanji | Feline Product Tester

Born: 2015 | Rescued: 2/2020

Aries is a feisty short-haired cat who loves wrestling with his furry siblings. He especially enjoys food and wearing bow ties made by his mom, Kandy. Ari tests (and approves) all products for our kitty customers.

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Kirby Burrito | Sales Manager

Born: Unknown | Adopted 5/2020

Kirby is the happiest dog Kandy has ever seen. He loves just being around people, cats, and especially other dogs. He craves attention, is very generous with kisses, cuddles, and pets; all which make him the perfect dog to meet customers festivals and craft shows.

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Lady Laynie | Canine Product Tester

Born: 2/2019 | Rescued 6/2020

Lady, a mixed breed, is still in her puppy years, which definitely make her a wild child! Even though she is shy around new humans, she has yet to meet a dog she doesn’t like. Lady loves chewing hard toys and playing with her brothers & cousins (she is so gentle with dogs much smaller than her). Her crazy puppy energy makes her the perfect dog to test all Chick’s Craft Products for safety & durability. FYI – they’ve all passed her inspection so far!

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Sergio Pohrer | Plus Size Model

Born: 3/2007

Sergio is part of the litter of dachshunds Kandy’s family raised from birth. Although he is a lot older and (and chubbier now), he is still one of the sweetest and devout dogs you’ll ever meet. He enjoys napping and hanging out with his best doxie friend, Zelda.

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Princess Zelda (& Spencer) | Model & Sales Assocs.

Born: 6/2014 | Adopted 8/2014

Zelda, a long-haired dachshund, and her dad, Spencer, have been Chick’s Craft Company’s greatest fans from the beginning. When Kandy began making pet accessories, Zelda was one of the first to test them out. She absolutely adores her dad, dressing up, and playing with her doggo friends, Sergio & Tootsie.

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Tootsie Roll | Model

Born: 12/2019 | Adopted 2/2020

Tootsie is a tiny mini-dachshund with big dog energy! She loves when all her puppy friends (above) come to visit, and she has the most fun chasing bouncing golf balls. She’s completely fearless, loves anyone who will play with her, and enjoys floating in the water in her tiny life-jacket. She may be making some appearances at craft shows when she gets a little bigger.

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